Which Love Language is most important to you?

Words of Affirmation: The tongue has the power of life and death.”

Everyone enjoys compliments but some people require more reassurance and encouragement than others. To the people who need you to voice how much you love and appreciate them often, words of affirmation are most important.

Quality Time: “It’s only quality when the attention is undivided.”

Some people are loners and mostly enjoy quality time with themselves. Others find quality time with their lovers to be one of the most important aspects of a relationship. I personally love being around my boyfriend, especially when we both have nothing to do. Interactions are so much more pure when you genuinely want to be around each other.

Receiving Gifts: “The Heart of Love is the spirit of giving”

Gifts are often ways to prove that someone was thinking of you and this is important for some people and often seen as the way to prove your love. Material items also sometimes hold very important memories of you and your significant other. People who value these things find receiving gifts are what makes them most happy.

Acts of Service: “I simply do things I know he would like.”

Acts of service are not always grand gestures. Its the little things that often count the most in relationships. When someone’s primary love language is acts of service they are often the type of person who finds the sentimental value in simple things like Netflix & Pizza with the one that they love.

Physical Touch: “Touch is the way the to communicate emotional love.”

Being near your lover is the most important factor for those whose primary language is physical touch. Knowing that they are there, even in silence is comforting to you and the way that you feel truly loved.


XOXO Natalia



How do you get out of the “Friend-zone”?

Ask Questions

People often fall into the friend-zone because they are afraid that asking certain questions will make the other party uncomfortable or ruin their chances. Realistically, inquiring if you’re on the same page as someone else will only make them uncomfortable if they don’t feel the same way and in that case you wont wasting anymore time fantasizing or wondering what could be.

Assert Yourself

How is anyone going to know how you feel if you don’t speak up for yourself? Closed mouths don’t get fed so you have to voice your opinion. People usually get friend zoned when they are not aggressive enough, don’t get handsy, but let your feelings be known so that the other person can decide how they feel about you.

Be Honest

Sometimes we already know when someone just doesn’t like us romantically. Its not that hard to read people so don’t avoid the signs. If you flirt and they seem uncomfortable or if you invite them out one on one and they are always doing something else or don’t seem too excited by the idea, just be friends!


XOXO Natalia

Which Love & Hip Hop character are you?


Your man surprises you when you get home, with what?

  1. Money ( The best gift in the world)
  2. Some gossip (He know you love fresh hot tea)
  3. A stripper pole (So y’all can get it poppin at the crib)
  4. He just came home (You love him and missed him so much)
  5. Jewelry (That’s the life of a wife)

Ya’ll plan a date night, where?

  1. Karaoke/Open Mic (You love attention)
  2. Double Date (You want to catch up with your other friends)
  3. Strip club (Your fave place!)
  4. You stay in (he likes being home with you)
  5. Fancy Restaurant (He knows you have good taste) 

Your friends have one word to describe you, what do they use(BE HONEST)?

  1. Fiesty
  2. Nosey
  3. FUN
  4. Naive
  5. Boujee

You dress up to go out, what do you wear?

  1. Something that show’s maximum skin
  2. Something that makes you look younger
  3. Something that shows off all your curves
  4. Something simple
  5. Something expensive

Relationship Status ?

  1. Single
  2. Dating
  3. Pimpin
  4. Complicated
  5. In a Relationship




Joseline Hernandez

If you answered mostly 1’s you are like “The Puerto Rican Princess” spicy with a side of mild. You normally don’t take shit and your temper is easily flared but to the one’s you love you are super sweet.



Karlie Redd

If you answered mostly 2’s you are probably the queen of mess in your group who gets the most shade. Stop telling everyone’s business girl!





Cardi B

If you answered mostly 3’s you are the most turnt in your circle of friends. People usually call you for advice because they know that you will tell them what they wanna hear. You’re really cute so girls usually wanna beef with you “FOREVAAAA”.



Tara Wallace lhh4

If you answered mostly 4’s you are probably stuck in a situationship that just might last forever. You are the girl who has the had the same man forever but instead of envy, people feel sympathy for you. Let him go sis.




Yandy Smith-“Harris”

If you answered mostly 5’s more than likely  you are bougie. Your life is just better than everyone elses in your opinion and thats just how you feel. You are also super shady and two faced. Pick a side and stay there.


Cardi B is personally my fave! How about you?


XOXO Natalia

“Where are our girls?” A guide to walking down the street as a woman.

  • Carry Protection

It is legal to carry mace or pepper spray that was acquired outside of DC. I suggest all women carry mace and a small knife with them at all times, I also carry a taser, but that is illegal here in DC. If you do not own any of these items and want to feel safer, take your keys out and place each key in between your fingers to create sharp brass knuckles.

  • Be aware of your surroundings

Always be alert when walking anywhere. Keep your phone in your hand but only to call for help in case of an emergency, it ‘s not a good idea to walk around scrolling or texting, this makes you not only an easy target, but it can cause you to partake in accidents like falling or getting hit by a car. Also, if you are surveying an area and find that someone seems suspicious it is a good idea to begin putting together a profile of them. For example, male, tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, tattoo of a snake on his neck, etc. This will allow you to help police find the creep in case anything happens to you or someone else.

  • Always let someone know where you are going

It is always important for someone to know where you are going and what you are wearing in case you become missing. My mother would always make sure to look at me every day before I left the house in case she had to describe my clothes to police. Also, send text updates to your loved ones if you are going somewhere that you normally wouldn’t or with someone you don’t really know. Before a date, a friend of mine would always send me the name of the person she was with and a description of him along with his license plate number if she could.


XOXO Natalia

Is Social Media affecting your relationships?

In the age of social media you sometimes have to look up from your phone and ask yourself some serious life questions.

Let me help:

Do you look at your phone while people are talking to you?

Do you text during dates?

Do you take a picture of everything you eat?

Do you check your phone when you wake up in the middle of the night?

DING DING DING! You my friend have an addiction if you answered Yes to one or more of those questions. This addiction may be holding you back in the following ways:

  • You may be missing connections

If you are always on your phone there is a strong chance that you are missing out on meeting great people everyday.

  • You may be ignoring your loved ones

When i’m out to dinner I always put my phone away so that my boyfriend gets my undivided attention and he does the same. Imagine how you would feel if someone started scrolling down their timeline while you were talking to them. RUDE!

  • You may be losing your interpersonal skills

Social media addicts often becoming socially awkward in real life settings because they are so used to sharing their thoughts to strangers via the internet. Don’t become the weirdo at the party in the corner on their phone all night.

  • You may be giving up too much information

People often begin to post about what they are currently watching, eating, reading, and sometimes even where they are going. This can be dangerous because of all the creeps out there who are lurking the internet. Certain things you should keep to yourself!

Put your phone down for a certain amount of time per day and participate in the REAL WORLD! 

XOXO Natalia


It’s Woman Crush Wednesday AND Women’s History Month!


Meet Marilyn Mosby! Loving wife and mother of 2 little girls.

Marilyn Mosby is the State’s Attorney in Baltimore and she is responsible for charging the six officers involved in the murder of Freddie Gray. Although, charges were later dropped she made a huge statement in Baltimore and continues to work towards holding police accountable.



One Night Stand 101

Since Spring Break is over and I’m hearing tons of crazy stories from all my single friends about the fun they had with people from all over the world (This includes random sex in random places), I’ve decided to share some rules in helping you navigate One Night Stands.


Calling the next day (or ever really) means that you want something more so if you don’t then leave things where they are- in your memories.

  • Leave as soon as you wake up

I don’t recommend you stay in the first place because cuddling is for couples but if it gets late and you don’t feel comfortable traveling then pick a side of the bed and stay there. Getting too comfy is a recipe for disaster.

  • No head

You shouldn’t put your mouth on anything that doesn’t belong to you. I don’t even like sharing drinks with anyone other than my boyfriend. Having oral sex with a random is a big no no and it’s just not safe so keep your mouth to yourself!

  • Do your best!

You will more than likely never see this person again, but just in case don’t leave a bad impression. Plus, you don’t want to become one of those horror stories that people tell at gatherings about the worst sex of their life.

  • Wear a condom.

This is a MAJOR KEY! Having sex with an unknown partner is dangerous enough, but not wearing a condom is deadly. So as they used to say on BET “Rap it up.”


Have fun and be safe!


XOXO Natalia