Last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas he or she will love! (when you just started dating)

It’s February 13th and you haven’t bought anything for that special someone!? Well, here are a few things that anyone would love!


Heated Blanket because everyone loves blankets and heat makes everything more cozy in the winter months. Perfect combo!


Uber gift card because even people with a car uber sometimes and it isn’t always cheap.


Your favorite book because sharing your favorite piece of writing may reveal that you two have more in common than you think and make for great dinner conversation.




You can’t go wrong with a beautiful dinner when you’re just starting out (unless of course you are dating an extremely picky and needy person and in that case good luck) so pick a place you’ve both never been with a menu that you can both enjoy. This is a great gift in itself because Valentine’s Day is most importantly about spending time with the one you love (or like a lot! :).


Happy Valentine’s Day!

XOXO Natalia

4 Ways to survive Super Bowl Sunday (When you don’t know the difference between a field goal and a free throw)

Today is the big day! And if you’re anything like me you don’t even know what teams are playing. However, the man in your life is super into it and you want to spend time with him without being bored and oblivious for hours. Here are a few ways to seamlessly get through game day and have fun with your man no matter where you guys go or who you are with.

1. Figure out his favorite Team.

If you don’t know already because you simply don’t care this is your chance to take initiative and learn a little more about him. When my boyfriend would go on about triple doubles i’d smile and nod at his excitement as if I knew what was going on until one day I actually asked “What does that mean?” and he was happy to explain it to me. So figure out his fave team and if their not playing ask who he’s rooting for because that’s who you want to win by default.

2. Offer to Host

He’s more than likely going to want to be around friends who share his interest in sports so if he decides to have a Super Bowl Sunday shindig offer to host. Cook (or order for those who don’t have gifted hands) foods that are easy to eat in the living room i.e. wings, chips and dip, burgers, etc. Decorate the living room and invite a few of your friends to give you something to do and someone to relate to during game time.

3. Find a mutually fun place to watch the game.

If you’re not hosting a Super Bowl Soiree or going to one then find a place where you both can have fun. Maybe a bar that isn’t 95% men, smoking cigars, and spilling beer everywhere. Or even a restaurant with great atmosphere and fun things to do like Dave & Buster’s.

4. Follow the audience 

Since you don’t know what’s going on or why the ref just threw that little handkerchief on the ground its best to keep up with the game using everyone else’s reactions and keeping up with the score of course. REMEMBER: what ever team he wants to win is the one you are rooting for.