One Night Stand 101

Since Spring Break is over and I’m hearing tons of crazy stories from all my single friends about the fun they had with people from all over the world (This includes random sex in random places), I’ve decided to share some rules in helping you navigate One Night Stands.


Calling the next day (or ever really) means that you want something more so if you don’t then leave things where they are- in your memories.

  • Leave as soon as you wake up

I don’t recommend you stay in the first place because cuddling is for couples but if it gets late and you don’t feel comfortable traveling then pick a side of the bed and stay there. Getting too comfy is a recipe for disaster.

  • No head

You shouldn’t put your mouth on anything that doesn’t belong to you. I don’t even like sharing drinks with anyone other than my boyfriend. Having oral sex with a random is a big no no and it’s just not safe so keep your mouth to yourself!

  • Do your best!

You will more than likely never see this person again, but just in case don’t leave a bad impression. Plus, you don’t want to become one of those horror stories that people tell at gatherings about the worst sex of their life.

  • Wear a condom.

This is a MAJOR KEY! Having sex with an unknown partner is dangerous enough, but not wearing a condom is deadly. So as they used to say on BET “Rap it up.”


Have fun and be safe!


XOXO Natalia

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