Why are you single?

I recently asked a handful of my friends “Why are you single?” and their answers were so similar yet the same that I decided to share them.

  • “Because I’m emotionally unavailable”

This is a very popular answer amongst our generation due to our need to create internal barriers to keep people out and avoid intimacy. If you’re emotionally unavailable it’s most likely a good idea to stay single until you are ready to spare feelings and avoid wasting time.

  • “These hoe’s ain’t loyal”

Many people believe that all men and women are the same and would rather be alone then try and guess if someone is going to treat them right. It is important to give people a chance because everyone reveals who they truly are with time.

  • “I’m working on me.”

This one is my favorite, and I wish that most people actually meant it. Working on yourself is one of the most important parts of life, and it can be a critical step in becoming the best person you can be. However, many people use “I’m working on me” as an excuse to explain a failed relationship, a way to bandage loneliness, a way to hide the fact that they have been hurt, the list goes on and on. You can work on yourself successfully in or out of a relationship, the most important part is actually finding your issue and truly trying to fix it. Almost everyone is a work in progress no matter the relationship status. It’s OK, just be honest.

  • “God is still getting my Husband ready for me.”

I actually laughed out loud when I heard this one, It caught me off guard. It’s great to have faith in a higher power because the law of attraction is real and praying and speaking things into existence always results in success. Therefore, If you believe that this is your season to be single because something better is ahead, make use of your time. If you believe that God is getting your husband ready, then you should be preparing yourself as if someone feels the same way about you. If God is getting your soulmate ready be sure that you are ready for them.

XOXO Natalia,

One thought on “Why are you single?

  1. This is so true! It’s usually very hard to come to terms with the idea of being single and being alone. Life is about being patient. I think the common denominator is that we all need to work on our own character before we can bring someone else into our lives.


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